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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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and -- and sawlting assaulting them. new year's eve celebrations went off without a hitch despite concerns about terror attacks. from las vegas to new york, police patrols were beefed up. but the story is right different in tel aviv. a gunman opened fire on a crowded street. edward lawrence looks into this question, is the tragedy connected to isis? >> reporter: as new yorkers clean up after one of the largest celebrations, authorities in tel aviv look for a gunman. this video shows the gunman first looking at produce, then pulling out an assault rifle and killing two people injuring at least eight more. in germany, authorities evacuated two train stations just hours before the new year. they had a credible threat that suicide bombers targeted those stations for a midnight attack. new year's day also brought that
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the city and are helping residents get out from the terrorists' control. meanwhile, this man spends his first full day in jail. the fbi arrested the rochester man who they say was poised to commit a new year's eve isis-inspired attack in his home town. >> this is a person who was a muslim, was in the prison system but became radicalized through the internet. >> reporter: security was tight for all new year's eve celebrations. spectators saw the same level of security at the 127th annual rosebowl parade. each of the floats decked out with thousands of flowers, this year along with the floats, bomb-sniffing dogs, more uniformed officers, and a police helicopter patrolling. as we start this presidential election year, a new gallup poll shows americans believe terrorism is the number one problem for the u.s. edward lawrence, nbc news,
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unforgettable . the lights in the music world are driller dimmer tonight. natalie cole has died at the age of 65, the daughter of nat "king" cole, passed away thursday in los angeles according to her publicist. cole battled ongoing health issues, including hepatitis c. a family statement reads in part, our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever. cooling procedures still underway at the scene of yesterday's skyscraper fire in dubai. a large cloud of smoke rose from that 63-story hotel. today, it was engulfed by a massive fire yesterday as people were gathering for a spectacular fireworks display to mark the
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14 people suffered minor injuries. tonight, one man is speaking out after being holed up in the hotel before being rescued. >> i can hear them. i saw some debris falling down. i prayed that it -- if this is my last chance, then so be it. >> fortunately, no fatalities reported. an investigation into what caused the fire is underway. the sounds of what comes after the big party in new york city. as soon as the new year eve celebrations, crews got to work. party hats, confetti and noisemakers all part of the debris swept away. 17 a workers hit the streets. they got to clean up.
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last years crews picked under more than 48 tons of trash. hawaii becomes the first state in the nation to ban the sale of possession of cigarettes and electronic smoking devices for anybody under the age of 21. signs are up. a second measure prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in restaurants and other places where smoking is banned. critics of the law believe underaged users will turn to internet sources to buy the merchandise. police are not gonna start to enforce the new rule until april 1. president obama plans to meet with the attorney general to discuss options on actions the white house can take to reduce gun violence. they are meeting monday. one possibility, increase back ground checks for gun buyers. this is expected to take place before the state of the union address, that's january 12th. still to come -- we'll tell you about the unbelievable
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mother-to be calls for help. and new year's eve means college bowl games. randy has that ahead in you see a lot of interesting things on the job. but i'll never forget the day we tried rescuing a man... .who was rescuing a kite. we ied everything. then jack came to the rescue.
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that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough.
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it was a busy end to 2015 for some firefighters and paramedics in florida.
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woman in labor saying that baby is coming. seconds later, that baby girl was boesch. that -- was born. that wasn't all of the surprise. here's the story. >> reporter: the frantic 911 call, then three minutes after arriving on scene -- >> it happened so fast. >> reporter: firefighters making that very special delivery. >> i saw the head. the baby's coming. >> when is the last time you yelled the baby's coming? >> that was the first time. >> reporter: his first delivery. >> she was very quiet. sat in my lap. i had her swallow. >> reporter: minutes lateler an emt and paramedic arrived. >> a few minutes later, baby number two. >> reporter: a fussy little boy. his cry allowing everyone to take a breath. >> immediately it was a sigh of relief because you knew everybody was okay. >> reporter: but the concern
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until mid-march. >> that kind of heightens your senses a little bit. >> reporter: when they finally arrived at the hospital -- >> that's when we took a break and said that's cool. >> reporter: a reminder to these guys -- >> nation you realize why you got into the job. >> i've done doing this 23 23 -- i've been doing this 23 years, this is my first birth. >> reporter: just another day at the office? >> we're onto the next job. >> reporter: but for this job. >> everything worked out perfect. couldn't have gone any better. a great way to end the new year. >> welcome to the world. mom and babies, they are doing fine tonight. they are named chloe and kaleb. if going back to school is one of your new year's resolutions, the first thing you
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you could be missing out on free money if you don't do that. today is the first today to smat that financial aid form. the sooner, the better. students must submit that form to be eligible. all of which you don't have to pay back. free money to make your life better. this will determine how much in federal loans you could qualify for. the latest hack or cyberattack to be in your hands. smartphones present the biggest risk this year. that's according to cybersecurity companies. the number makes them attractive to cyber crooks tas does the multiple avenues of attack, including malicious apps. the new year will bring new worms including the headless worm. they target smartphones, smart watches and even medical hardware. the new year's celebrations in places like new york and las vegas get a lot of attention
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traditions all ail cross the world. take a -- all across the world. take a look. [ cheers ] >> that's pennsylvania if you didn't know that. had a very sweet new year's eve thanks to their chocolate company and a giant replica of a hershey's kiss. down south, new year's eve was just as sweet. georgia rang in the new year with a giant peach. and key west, that's key west right there. they rang in the knew year with the annual red shoe drop. this year's event was even more special for the female impercent -- impersonator. sushi as she's known traded i dos with her long-time partner. down in key west. always colorful there. hosting an eagle, a hawk and a blue jay. >> also fu it's an annual tradition.
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hundreds of floats from all walks of life. but it seems that "star wars" had a fuge presence. >> this is the 127th year for the tournament of roses parade. this year's grand marshal was ken burn. a woman is carjacked and taken on a terrifying ride inside her own vehicle. how she was able to escape and how a good samaritan stepped in to help. then a pilot dies in a small plane crash that made national headlines. why family members are saying this is no accident. all of that plus breaking news as it happens tonight at 7:00. we're having another earthquake right now. the studio lights are shaking. >> we just had an earthquake. >> that was a big one. >> anchors in oklahoma city were
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while they were on the air. according to reports, about 10,000 people lost power temporarily. as a resultas a -- a as a result of the quake. there might be good news weather-wise. >> that's right. news 3 is your weather authority. kevin janison, a chance to shake off the cold conditions? >> more likely tomorrow night you will feel the big difference. all of the numbers have been crunched, too. we thought we would add some warmth and let you know that 2015 was the second warmest year in las vegas. probably would have been number one with a bullet if we didn't have the big chill in december. but 71.8. that's all of the highs and lows averaged together over the entire year coming up with that number. there is a trend there over the last few years for the four warmest reported in las vegas. nice night. it's still pretty active on the las vegas strip.
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happens and makes it a long weekend. 37 degrees. chilly down there near the parkway at lamping elementary, home of the lamping lightning bolts down there. 34 in nye county. the rest, 37 as we showed you over the south end of town. a lot of 40s in the heart of the valley and eastward. 17 on the mountain. 41 in overton. searchlight coming in at 39. your second of january will begin in the 30s. find its way to the 50s by lunchtime. we'll peak in the low to mid-50s before pulling back. we'll have a bun. of clouds as well. here they come off the california coast working their way into first southern california. they will slide across the desert. they are bringing are friends. we have holes in the clouds. cheese clouds. we'll have the long, thin strands at times as well.
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the thicker clouds are due in come monday. that's when we'll start to get the chance for rain. look how cold it is in northern nevada. 4 degrees. ely is at minus 6. it's only, what? what time is it? 6:46. a lot of cooling to come. high temperatures tomorrow, oh, yeah, heat wave. 31. salt lake at 28. phoenix looking for 71. that's pretty nice start to the year. in southern nevada tonight, a pahrump, 26. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, boulder city, 53. the lake at 58. look out, death valley up to 61. for the las vegas valley, we're going down to 31. clouds on the increase. they will mainly be thin but thick enough to keep us from being as cold as we've been. that combo platter of sun and clouds with us tomorrow. look for a high temperature of 53 and your seven-day forecast, 56. i'm thinking it will be over on sunday. and then the chance for rain.
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significant south of las vegas. we'll have a decent chance in town. this system comes in on wednesday. that one looks like it could be wet. looks like we could be talking about it. something tells me we may be talking about enough water to turn the sphrinklers sprinklers off and watch your lawn turn blade to blade. here's randy with sports. >> lastight's clemson tigers and crimson tide, set up a college playoff game in arizona. there's still plenty of bowl games still to be played, including one in phoenix. the fiesta bowl. buckeyes, elliott, he scores. 7-0. later, it's 14-7. ohio state, elliott find the end zone. buckeyes up by 14. tight game in the third, it
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elliott goes up touched up the middle. he had fewer yard, 149 yards. next stop, the nfl for el little out. ohio wins it 44-28. rosebowl, iowa and stanford t pac 12 snubbed from the playoffs. cardinal making a statement. they manhandled them tonight. mccaffrey. first play of the game. takes it 75 yard on a quick slant. goes for a touchdown. stanford, 56 yard and the route was on. it was 21-0 in favor of stanford. more from mcaffrey. this time on a punt return taking it back 66 yards for a 28-0 lead. he breaks the record for all purpose yards. 398. over 100 in receiving and rushing. mcaffrey getting the job. stanford wins big. northwestern, they lose to
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it was michigan over florida, 41-7 and currently in the sugar bowl, mississippi leads oklahoma state, 17-3. the fighting championship returns tomorrow at the mgm. the championship on the line. robbie lauler making his second appearance. the two fighters weighed in. lauler has won four straight. he weighed in at 17 a. condit, 169. both fighters not overlooking the other guy. >> i've always been impressed by robbie and his skills. i feel like i've been working through this moment here. >> what's going down tomorrow night? >> he's a heck of a fighter. he's a fierce fighter. i'm here to stay. i'm the champ and i'm gonna showcase i'm the best in the world. come on, guys.
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>> all right. >> makes me note want to -- not want to eat so many cheeseburgers. the first baby born in southern nevada. >> the gift he will receive for does prism tv have all the channels we watch? that's a great question. prism tv has all the channels i watch, and lots of hd. and i like hd. get over 140 of your favorite channels with the prism essential tv package from centurylink.
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we want to thank all of you for following along with us new
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you helped make our hashtag a trending it topic on twitter all evening long. that's a huge accomplishment in las vegas. you helped us to do it. let's keep it going in 2016. we're asking facebook and twitter fans, what do you think will be the bigg in 2016? take our poll. it's online. don't forget to hit the thumbs up like button when you go to search for ksnv news 3 las vegas on facebook. it's my great pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. >> oh. there are a lot of ways to close out the new year but there's one way -- a couple got hitched in times square on the countdown stage. this is alfredo and monica. they won a contest called the first couple of 2016. >> is the guy that married him the men's warehouse guy? >> i think so. >> they round round-trip tickets
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millions in the crowd and on tv. the couple met six years ago. >> i wonder if -- if that's -- >> didn't take long for southern nevada to record the first birth of 2016. >> ramon hernandez. you were born at mountain view hospital at four minutes past midnight. when the child's parents went to the hospital, they were there and told -- first told it wasn't time to have the baby. this morning, mountain view gave the parents new things they might need. >> yes. congratulations to them.
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new year tea tragedy. a man -- new year's tragedy. a man is killed in his home. the latest on the manhunt for the man responsible. a woman carjacked and taken hostage on a terrifyi road trip she won't soon forget. how she was able to escape the grasp of her captors. and new year, weather authority, what the forecast has in store for us as we head into the first weekend of the year. this is news 3 live at 7:00. it is a tragic start to the new year for a local family who lost a loved one just hours after the ball dropped. thanks for joining us. i'm read reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. nathan o'neil has the latest developments on an intense manhunt.
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